Phase 3: Delivery and Installation

After we receive your signed final drawings, we will contact you by phone to confirm that site conditions are met. Windows, sheetrock and floors must be complete, and the project site must have a balanced climate. When we have received confirmation of those conditions, your cabinets can be delivered.

One to three days after delivery, cabinet installation will begin. For kitchens, installations typically take five to seven days to complete. After the bases are installed, the kitchen is ready for the counter top template. (If your kitchen includes a range, sink or faucet, your countertop installer will need to be on site to create the template.)

After the template is complete, JEM installers will proceed with installation of the upper cabinets, which will require two or three more days. Please note that if the upper cabinets rest on the countertop, their installation will need to wait until the countertops are installed.

Appliances can be delivered anytime within the installation period. While JEM does not install appliances, we will adjust and install any panels that are required.

Prior to finishing, all cabinetry needs to be installed. If you are choosing not to use JEM’s molding, please be sure to have the material on site. Following the review, finishing usually takes five to six days.

One final return will be made after finishing to install any loose interiors and hardware. The designer you are working with will then do a walk through to ensure the design has been met.

Should Your Cabinet Project Be Finished In Our Shop or On Site?

Choosing the right finishing process for you and your project is important. To help you decide which finishing process makes sense for your project, we’ve outlined the pros of each finish below.

In Shop Finishing

  • It provides the most durable finish. It is particularly appropriate for active families who need low maintenance cabinetry.
  • It keeps the majority of the finishing work out of your living space. There will be minimal touch ups in the field.
  • From start to finish, the installation of the cabinetry will be occur faster.


On Site Finishing

  • On site finishing allows you to be flexible about picking colors and making real time changes.
  • As esthetics change, you will have the ability to change the look of your cabinetry. On site finishing allows you to update your space quickly and inexpensively.
  • If any damage occurs in the lifetime of owning your cabinetry, the touch-up process is simple and quick.


Now your vision is a reality

Now you understand what makes our cabinetry so special. It’s the relationship our designers have with our clients, the quality materials we use, and the workmanship that we put into everything we make.

Whether it’s a custom kitchen or bath cabinetry, an entertainment center, built in, or bookcase, every project is built to suit your individual needs and design ideas. If you love what you see here, or what you have seen in the homes of your friends who have chosen JEM, please contact us today at (518) 828-5361 or email us.

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