FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make your doors?

We do make all of our doors in house. Take a look at our photos to see the options we have. We are not limited and introduce new profiles all the time.

Do your cabinets have a warranty?

Yes, we have lifetime guarantee. As the original purchaser of JEM custom cabinetry, you now own cabinetry built to the highest standards of workmanship and materials. This exceptional quality is evidenced by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

JEM warrants its cabinetry to be free from defects in material or workmanship for as long you, the original purchaser, own them. Our responsibility and liability are limited to repair or replacement, as we may determine. This warranty does not apply to defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse, modifications, or conditions.

The following items are not the responsibility of JEM:

  1. Movement or misalignment of cabinets and cabinet damage caused by settling or movement of floors, walls or ceilings.
  2. Damage to woodwork, wood movement, wood separation, raising of grain, damage to finish or hardware, or any other defect caused in whole or in part by exposure to excessive levels of moisture, heat or cold or by the customer’s failure to maintain relative humidity in the residence within the range of 30% to 50%.
  3. JEM will install cabinetry plumb and level and will not be responsible for any remediation necessitated by out of level floors and ceilings. Crown moldings are particularly sensitive to variations in the ceiling and any floating or caulking required shall be by others.

What is your lead time?

4 to 6 weeks from sign off. We will work with you and your builder to determine the best date to deliver your cabinetry.

What materials do you use?

Industry standard high quality, hand-selected domestic and exotic hardwood. Cabinet boxes are made out of ¾” Veneer Core Plywood with ½” backs. No corner blocking and dust covers are added to all of the top boxes.

What types of finishing do you offer?

All of the cabinetry is primed or sanded ready for finish paint or stain. We have finishers who are subcontracted or if you have you are already working with.

We offer two types of finish:

  1. Onsite hand finished: All cabinetry is primed or sanded, ready for finish paint or stain. We have finishers who are subcontracted.
  2. In shop spray finishL All cabinetry will be sprayed in shop.

Where can I see your cabinetry?

We do not a have a showroom but welcome all to visits our shop. We are able to show previously built kitchens in past clients’ homes.